Orkut communities under cops' lens

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    Next time you log on to Orkut and if you are visiting jehadi and terror communities, chances are there that you may be under cops' surveillance.

    Alarmed by the increasing use of internet and Orkut by the terrorists and gangsters, the special cell of Delhi Police is profiling such communities and keeping a hawk eye on them.

    "The communities which are formed on Orkut are under surveillance following some inputs that the terrorists and gangsters are using these as a medium of communication," said a senior police officer. "Since the members in these communities are very large, it is difficult to track each and every account but we have asked for the help of service provider to keep a tab on the suspected names and members," the officer added.

    One of the major problems faced by the cops is to decipher the code language in which the suspected account holders communicate. "We have found that in single community there are more than 1,000 members and not all the addresses with which they are registered are original. Therefore, we have devised a strategy to study their pattern and then get hold of them," the officer said.

    Another problem that the cops are facing is that the most addresses are are outside India which are not traceable. "There are few problems in monitoring these accounts but soon with the help of service provider we will overcome these problems. Simultaneously, we have also devoted a team of experts at our cyber cell to monitor them," he added.

    The cops are also trying to link their surveillance to dump data. The data were available with the police and the email identity, which were used earlier and later were defunct, are also being probed. "With the increase in technical surveillance, particularly mobile surveillance, their are chances of them being caught and therefore they are now relying more and more on the internet which they consider as more safe option," said the officer.

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