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'only If’ Syndrome' (ois) And Treatment

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by HariLakhera, Jul 25, 2021.

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    Dear Friends, When I say dear friends, it does not mean that I mean it. It is just a formality. Some guys take it seriously and start seeking favors.
    Currently, I am in collaboration with a reputed pharmacist backed by an International Pharmaceutical Company for the development of medicine that will enable a person to forget all his bad experiences and remember only the good ones. Initial trials on the people handling the project (charity begins at home) are quite encouraging. We have observed that people carry the baggage of bad experiences of the past and are unable to shed them resulting in various clinical problems. They think of ‘only if’ they could have done this or that, ‘only if’ they could have got this or that. All these ‘ifs’ relate to love, deceit, separation, deaths, injustices, failures, lost opportunities, and so on. In the process, people have forgotten to count their blessings, howsoever small, and be happy with what they have rather than feeling depressed for what they lost. We strongly feel that problems of blood pressure, diabetes, liver, kidneys, etc can be cured if not eliminated once the person is cured of this baggage of ‘ONLY IF’ Syndrome, OIS for short.
    This syndrome is effectively defined in an Urdu couplet:

    Mera kaarnama-e-zindagi meri hasraton ke siwa kuch nahin, Yeh kiya nahin, woh hua nahin, yeh mila nahin, woh raha nahin. (The story of my life is nothing but my wishes, this could not be done, that could not happen, this I could not get, that I could not hold)

    The product will be in tablet form. One tablet in the evening before dinner will be sufficient for erasing all the bad experiences of the day and the person will arise fresh in the morning after a very sound sleep in the night. He will never remember it and hence not be burdened with its impact. We are not thinking of making a person immune to OIS because by doing so we will be snatched from him/her birthright of experiencing pain. The person will have to experience the pain of the bad experience of that day only and thus remain human. He will be cured of this pain once he takes the tablet in the evening and this process will continue for life. The person will have to cope with the pain only for the day at the maximum. This way we will also ensure that we do not have a confrontation with the will of the Almighty who has made humans suffer good and bad in equal measure. We intend to provide medical relief to the victims of OIS and not interfere with the laws of the Creator.

    This project is going to be the hallmark of a potential breakthrough in the field of pain relief caused by OIS and control of many related diseases that so far have not been possible in spite of the countless tablets, capsules, and formations available in the market today. We very humbly submit that even the treatment advocated by our Yoga Gurus like Baba Ram Dev and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has not been in a position to cure OIS. What is more heartening is the fact that it will surpass the limits of human inventive power. We expect full Government support as the invention will result in huge savings in Health-related expenditures. This will reduce the crowd in the hospitals. As it is Governments have always been short of funds for centuries even after squeezing the citizens in every which way and therefore unable to spare funds for health and education. We will be doing a great favor to them and they will be too pleased to approve these medicines with or without trials but we being law-abiding citizens will follow the procedure to the hilt.

    After successful trials, we plan to test market this product in the poverty-ridden segments of our country before we launch it nationally and eventually globally. As you are well aware all MNCs in medical research test market their products in poor countries. The basic reason is that these subjects may look physically weak but they are internally very strong after having gone through the fight for two times meals. They have strong immunity and any bad side effects of medicines on trial can do them no harm. Small pocket money is all that is needed.

    We need adult volunteers who are finding it difficult to forget their past bad experiences and have found no cure so far. They are depressed and also suffering from various ailments as stated above. We will need 200 volunteers and the selection will be based on the severity of OIS. The volunteers will have to stay in our clinic for one month. Boarding and lodging are free.

    To make the offer attractive for volunteers we have decided to allow them 500 shares each from the Promoters’ quota when we go for IPO.

    Those interested may enroll by visiting our web site EXPERIENCE THY NAME IS LIFE

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