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Online Tution Or School Or Phone Addiction

Discussion in 'Schoolgoers & Teens' started by Greatfriend, May 30, 2021.

  1. Greatfriend

    Greatfriend New IL'ite

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    Kids in india are and were attending online classes for more than a year now. Thr next academic is also started.

    I am worried for their screen time.
    The school teachers are busy taking classes and moving on.
    Kids of lesser age parents are able to sit and monitor but kids who are in teens especially boys they dont even.allow parents to sit with them for monitoring.

    They get used with social media in such a way that noe they need phone and internet to stay connected with their friends from different area. ( old school ..new school..freefire playing friends...school groupchat... boys group... girls amd boys opposite gender chat) studies has moved to next priority amd its also became easy too as no need to study. Google will help during online test so why to study and waste timr instead of playing or watching meme videos availble in the internet.

    On top if we feel to put tution... again it is with phone. So worried how to handle such kids especially boys.

    During recharge time kids will beg and say will follow the rules n screen timr buy only for couple of days...later they are the rulers and starts to shout back to leave them.alone or come yo study with irritated face just to read for 2 hours so that nect 4 hours they can hold phone.

    Study and learning process is not happening
    Eating food on time us lost
    Daily routine is lost

    All time they neef to hold the phone and require a private room and phone gor themselves to lock.

    Any tips and suggestion.

    Thank uma

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