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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Sriniketan, Jul 6, 2007.

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    Hi Sri,

    Very nice thread. My shortcomings which I am struggling to conquer are:

    A hot temper - need to calm down for my own good and then for that of others. I try, but when I do shut up, I keep simmering inside, which is even worse. Have to learn to let go.

    Self criticism is another problem area. But am not able to decide whether this is good or bad.
    I guess there is a fine line between self criticism and critical self analysis and I tend to tread the fine line between the two.

    Trusting people easily may be a shortcoming if I believe dh. But to maintain my own sanity I find it easier to do that than to suspect everyone of ulterior motives. However, it is inevitable that I land up getting hurt in the process. Am learning to deal with that hurt by telling myself that it is not my fault for trusting, but that of the other person for breaching that trust.

    Exercise and diet - uh oh! Sadly my sorest points.
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    Hi Bhargavi
    I have to ask my husband to get a honest list of my shortcomings!
    The only few I am willing to admit are:
    1. Not forgetting pain inflicted on me or my loved ones. My actions towards these folks are alwaysbiased. i want to be more magnanimous than what I am towards them.
    2. I used to think laughing at myself is a good trait. But at times it backfires when folks take me for a dunce. I want to change that.
    3. Diet and exercise for sure..Satchi you have company..:)
    4. Oh more...procastination
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    One drastic change I would die-hard to meet up would be to change my attitude towards the people I come across.

    No,No,Iam not the mean stereotypical cast,but merely the opposite.Iam one of the nicey nicey friends,as Iam labelled to be,but I have been put down and hurt umpty number of times,you see.

    My parents have generated genetically in me a good degree of tolerance level to say,I know there are around me argument pickers,untrustworthy fellows,harass-lovers etc etc who I deal with but I go about a never-mind mentality to all the above simply because Iam a peacelover(my name says so,hehe)I strongly believe nobody takes grudges,ultimately to the six feet of earth....

    But,did you know I may be the obnoxious half to many civilians and this is where I want to be hard as a rock and neglect the easy-taking attitude to a Full stop.

  4. Srama

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    Thank God this thread is revived

    Hopefully you have conquered this :thumbsup

    Now I have to think about what is it I want to change - I am very impatient when it comes to chit chatting....I run out of gas for the conversation soon as I want to move on. I do loose a lot of people like this!

    My very big problem right now is more often than not, I feel responsible for many situations (even if not related to me directly) in the lives of people I love - I feel I should do something to make them feel better while in reality, I know I cannot!!

    Kamala, I agree with you when you say this -

    It is surprising how many people make assumptions...

    I could not resist responding here :)
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    Dear Sri,,

    They say never give salt and advise, unless asked for, but may i offer a small solution to what u say.

    Even i was ver hot tempered, but i leanrt an art, now i am cool like the indian Captain Dhioni, but one has to learn it, its not difficult.

    For example X made u angry, and u blow yr top there and then.

    instead, at that moment, jsut say nothing, hear everything. let the matter pass.

    Have a diary, and write down in tomorrow's date, think abut X.

    Next day when u sit with a coffee, think over what X said that annoyed u, but u kept quiet . u will soon realize it was better that u kept quiet, and the matter was not that grave for u to have given it back to X.

    and u will find the solution to the problem about how to deal with X the nedt time.

    i have so many employees, but i buy time, i get angry too, but id ont lost my cool, i keep quiet, and tell them , i am busy, i will answer it tomm.

    So buy time to think it over, and see the results, try it once at least on my say so the next time somethjing occurs.

    Well i am lazy and put off doing tomm what i should do today, i am trying to get over that matter, no wu can advise me on that Sri.:rotfl


  6. Sriniketan

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    Dear friends,
    This thread was started in some 4 years ago ( I completey forgot about this one, when I viewed through my posts :bonk:)
    and it came to surface by an ilite named dbhutani, (thank you) in May 2011 and so many responses here..which I failed to respond then and even now, as it didn't show up in my email notification. ( a very good excuse, isn't it..:biggrin2:
    Will be back, sooner to know how you all overcame and what ways you all try to overcome it.

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    A good us an opportunity to think about ourselves and where we need to improvise. Most of us normally never try to analyse any problem areas. We blow up and then cool down and then poof!!! its gone.

    A few things that I would like to change in myself are...
    *Reaction - My reaction time is very less...I just end up saying anything without thinking about what could have been actually said.
    *Worry - Whenever I come across a problem...I get worried about how it will be solved. Of course, I do know very well that every problem comes with a solution. But then, I just keep pacing al over the place when I am alone.

    The good thing that came to me from my Dad Mom is tolerance and patience. These two strong qualities have helped me many a times and I would want myself to maintain them with me all my life...

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