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Oh , our dear soft ware Lady

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by ramya475, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. ramya475

    ramya475 Junior IL'ite

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    Oh, Our dear Software lady
    Mangayar Malar, February 2008
    Translation from tamil attempted by

    Even though you arrive in a latest model car of your company,
    Dressed to kill in the latest dress from a boutique,
    Even though your Id card hangs on your neck like a garland,
    You are but a pitiable mouse caught inside your lap top,
    You are a pitiable deer jailed in the glass cabin.

    Even though you can open several windows on your computer screen,
    You would not find time to open the windows of your home.
    Even though you have a pretty house with lot many pretty things,
    You live in a boring four by four cage made of glass.

    Whether it is day or night, you will have more work to do,
    Your heart will beat bug bug , Lap top, bug bug, lap top,
    And the only food that you ever will take would be Pizza and Cutlet,
    And a good meals that you like , will be an unfulfilled dream.

    Even the colorful dreams of yours would be full of projects and releases,
    The week end outing for you would be only the mindless body moving out ,
    Festivals , birthdays and anniversaries would be only in the calendar,
    And friendships and mutual relations would be in your sachet.

    For you all greetings are through SMS from your mobile,
    And sweet little loving murmurs through e-mail and chats.

    Oh young software lady, when will this chase of the endless mirage end,
    And when will you live your life ,
    Is it after your youth becomes a dream?

    * Apologies for minor modifications

  2. knbg

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    Nice translation....and meaningful too.

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