Offer for Indian Cricket Team to play the Stanford Super Team in Aug 2008 $ 5 M

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    Dear friends,

    With so much offers from various donors and BCCI Gifts,
    Indian Cricket team has been invited to play against Stanford SuperTeam at Antiqua in 2008 At West Indies where prize money is $ 5 Million.

    The latest Victory in Twenty 20 World Cup adds flora and fauna to every Cricketer's kitty by the tournament prize money of USD 4,90000 & BCCI president Sharad Pawar who has also declared an award of USD 2 million after Mahendra Singh Dhoni's boys for clinching the nail-biting encounter by five runs .

    Another Rs one crore prize money was announced for batting mainstay Yuvraj Singh for becoming the first batsman to hit six sixes in an over in the shorter version of the game.

    Lalit Modi also gave a Porsche 911 to a personal gift... how cool is that...

    The offer from Sir Stanford has added our Team India a best offer.

    Sir Allen Stanford, the creator of a domestic Twenty20 championship in the Caribbean, on Monday announced that the World Cup winners will be asked to play the lucrative winner-takes-all match against a West Indies select team in Antigua in June 2008.

    Twenty-one Caribbean islands and territories will vie for the world's biggest prize in domestic cricket in January and February 2008.
    The best players will be chosen for the Stanford Super Team.

    "Since this is the first Twenty20 world championships and that is the format of our tournament, we felt it was fitting to have the winners come and play our Super Star team next year," Stanford said.

    Let's hope the Young Indian Cricket Team can bring in more Laurels to the Country.


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    Sorry for the late reply dear.

    Thanks for sharing the info......youngsters really played well and brought back World Cup.

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