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Of Mice And Men (spoiler For Those Who Didn't Read Book Or Watch Movie)

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Jun 29, 2021.

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    I never appreciated you while you were here
    Now that you are gone
    I realize you were kind and dear

    You were innocent and sweet
    People would take advantage of you
    But I would not allow anyone
    To have the thought to raise their
    Hand to you in anger's heat

    Now you are gone
    You were innocent
    You did not know what
    You don't was wrong

    I had to take your life
    Else the mob would have chased you
    Lynched you
    And you would suffer pain and strife

    We were grifters looking for work
    We found food, clothes, and shelter
    Working as farm hand
    Because you had a dream
    That one day we'd have our own farm
    We'd tend the rabbits
    And live off the Fat of the Land

    That dream died when you died
    Now in this Great Depression
    With no Family, and no Wife
    I am off to work in another
    Farmland, for another Boss
    Who wears a Glove on his
    Left Hand

    One of the Last Scenes from Of Mice and Men, 1992


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