Observations on Opportunity

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    Observations on Opportunity

    Recently, I attended my 30-year high school reunion. As a
    blind person, I sat and listened to the conversations and
    observations of those around me.

    The most common comment was, "I'm surprised they turned out
    like that." Apparently, everyone turned out either better or
    worse, but certainly different than would have been

    As young people, we do not come with a label that says
    "Future Brain Surgeon" or "Soon to be Unemployed Alcoholic."
    Opportunity is much the same. You've heard frustrated
    investors lament, "If I'd only bought Microsoft back
    then..." Well, unfortunately, Microsoft didn't look like
    Microsoft back then.

    Opportunities and possibilities more often come packaged as
    problems and challenges. The only thing you must do to have
    a great idea is to go through your daily routine and wait
    for something bad to happen. When it does, ask the magic
    question, "How could I have avoided that?" The answer to
    that question will be a great idea.

    The only thing you need to do to have a great business
    opportunity is to ask yourself, "How could I help other
    people avoid their problems?" The answer to that question
    can make you rich, famous, and successful in every way.

    If you read biographies of great inventors, initially you're
    struck by the fact that their ideas and innovations made
    total sense. They seem so obvious now in retrospect.

    When you think of living in the horse-and-buggy days when
    Orville and Wilbur Wright are building a plane, it seems to
    be a logical fit and an exciting opportunity. If you're
    struggling by candlelight when Thomas Edison invents a light
    bulb, it seems revolutionary and readily apparent.

    If you're waiting weeks or even months for correspondence
    when Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone, it seems
    transformational; however, if you will read in depth the
    biographies of these innovators and many others, you will
    find that, quite often, their greatest struggles were not
    developing a new invention but, instead, their greatest
    struggles were often convincing bankers, investors, and
    business leaders of the validity of their inventions.

    Remember, opportunities never appear in nice, clean wrapped
    packages with neon signs that say OPPORTUNITY. You've got to
    dig a little.

    As you go through you day today, look for opportunities
    disguised as problems.

    Today's the day!

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    hi Cheer,
    A very good post! I'd like to add my thoughts here.

    Oppurtunities are never lost. Someone else gets the ones we miss. I also believe that God helps those who help themselves.


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