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Now let's discuss the stress : Few thoughts from my desk

Discussion in 'Keep Fit & Maintain Shape' started by subbutr, Oct 7, 2007.

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    Thank you dear Devvrinda for the observations and feedbacks.

    Stress is a handmaiden of modern life.
    But it is possible to convert stress-building thoughts into stress-busting ones.

    Stress is how people react to demands placed on them and arises when there is worry about one's capacity to cope.

    Stress, in a way, lies in the eye of the beholder. And with stress-related cases growing phenomenally, it's no coincidence that stress has been termed a 20th century disease.

    The 'disease' goes back a long way in time, however. A complex concept, it has both mental and physiological components.
    Though some forms of stress are predominantly psychological, they trigger a variety of physiological changes, including ones in the immune function, indicating a link between the nervous and immune systems.

    Stress occurs when you are incapable of handling a given situation.

    Stress can be subdivided into constructive stress and destructive stress. The former is positive and a good motivator.
    It increases productivity and efficiency, besides providing stimulation. Destructive stress is counterproductive and detrimental to both psyche and body.

    Women tend to have more stress because they have to manage two worlds, home and career.
    So they are stretched and stressed a little more.
    But women manage to balance both worlds and have more tenacity.
    Men tend to flap, while women deal with stress more rationally.

    You can reduce stress by talking to yourself in a reassuring way, which is an excellent stress-buster.

    Life offers choices. Nothing is the ultimate.

    Redefine priorities, reassess abilities and potential, have realistic and flexible expectations, regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.

    Relax and Cheer up...World is for Miracles to explore...


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