Nothing is indispensable!

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    Once there an old woman. Blind. But full of wisdom. The entire village accepted her verdict. One ady a group of boys to tease her went to her house. Addressed the lady" You old woman can you tell us the bird in our hand is dead or alive? Being blind she couldn't check the veracity of their statement. She was wise. So could sense their integrity.
    The lady replied if there exist a bird it is yours. You will own up the responsibility for its death and for its survival if it is alive. After conversing with the lady the boys realised their folly and admited there was no bird in their hands.
    Here the bird symbolises the Language . If a language seems to die it is that society which is responsible. It is a heritage which none of us can afford to lose.
    A language needs to be spoken.for its growth sustenance and survival.
    Unfortunately we seem to lose their precious heritage.
    (This is only a condensed form of Toni Morrison's speech while receiving the nobel prize in the form of a story. This is not my contribution). kanaka
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