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No More Talking

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by Sangeeta85, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Sangeeta85

    Sangeeta85 Gold IL'ite

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    Hi ladies,
    I want the answers when my inlaws will question so I will give the details please give me suggestions or please the exact way to say it....

    I have completely stopped talking to my inlaws n it’s been many months..
    I use to occasionally talk but my last thread me n my husband fighting he told my parents but till my parents pick the phone he called his parents n said n asked to tell my parents so inlaws got good chance n spoke to my dad but my dad did not say much but did tell me saying y is she fight with my son wen he works hard come home tired n listen to her she is educated put attention to the kid .. I was mad n that was it after that no word to with inlaws even wen once she asked me on that previous night did not sleep so hubby told she is tired n next time festival they did not wish just me which is fine since I did not wish them either even though hubby called me to spoke .
    Now any time in future happens to meet or talk if they ask what should I say ..

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