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    Hi all:hiya,
    yes'day i read this article in Mangaiyer malar(tamil magazine) in that they gave ex with animals.
    our children r like Dog & cat. when they r kid they'll behave like a dog. it'll obey ur words,follow u wherever u go,always wants to be with u,it'll love to the most.
    when they r getting old,they'll turn like a cat. it won't listen u,comes & goes wherever, whenever they want,adamant,did not want to have food in the house,if u hug or care for them they'll dislike & scold u what u have to do is,let them go in their path...don't care for them for a while,but cat can't bear this & all,it needs ur care,affn',love so it'll come back to u as dog again. so don't worry u'll get back ur kids with love,affn'.
    Another EX. is they compared with an Elephant & a Goat.
    Elephant will have only the sugarcane means take only the sweet,but the Goat will have only the leaf. so they said it is ur choice,if u want to take only sweets of life then be an elephant,take only the positive thoughts,things,always thinks positvely u'll be always happy forever.:)
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