Need Your Opinion On This Pandit On Marriage Proposal

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    Hello ,

    I hope I can make this post to shorter, my brother had his marriage cancelled just a week before the wedding ,my fmaily went through a lot from bride’s side after marriage called off ( reason we said No due to brides family background where they behaved so badly coming to our house and acted like rowdies literally ) with this , many things happened because of that my brother was in depression , even the whole family , slowly came out of it . I started following spiritual guru , and now we started search for a alliances again , nobody is coming forward to give a girl to my brother due to the way happened , everybody speaking badly about my brother , on top of it my sister is also divorced ,in arranged marriages , it is very difficult to face society with all this .
    Now we have seen family ( in our community as my family) and horoscope matches , but one pandit ( Brahmin ) said not to go with this proposal , I am finding very difficult to convince everyone at home ( very good proposal , bride side know about us ), they believe the pandit who said it . They believe what if they get into it again
    Happy to hear the opinions .

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