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Need suggestions!

Discussion in 'Immigration Matters' started by Ady, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. Ady

    Ady New IL'ite

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    Hi Friends,

    I am happy to join this group.

    I need some suggestions friends. I was on H4 visa,then got my H1. As soon as my I got my visa stamped my employer asked for leave letter for 2 months and told me to wait for some time as the market was not good and told me not to search for jobs. Because he would only search and get my placement. After 2 months, he again asked for leave letter again for 2 months. I gave.But this time he told me to search for jobs but for rates ie compensation i have to redirect to them.( he told he would also search for jobs but till date,he has not arranged for any interviews)

    I am (was) on leave without pay till date. I am ready to work but he says when i am not working it is better to give leave letters to be on the safter side (for both of us, ie me and employer)

    When i was on my job search i redirected so many people to my employer but none of them got good response.

    Even if i want to transfer my H1 i need paystubs, which i dont have.

    Later i found that as soon as i got my stamping , i can start working for any employer within 15 days. After 15 days if i havn't started working i have to remain stay with the same employer. I came to know very late about this info.

    My problem is that my employer is also not finding jobs, even if i find any and rediret them the response is not good. And i cant do the transfer also because i dont have paystubs.

    I am really undergoing bad situation. I need one job to solve many of my personal problems, i really need some suggestions or solutions.

    I have only one condition ie Work location preference. but in my preferered location (big city) there are plenty of jobs available.

    Kindly help me by giving some suggestions to solve this puzzles.

  2. knbg

    knbg Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Hi Ady,
    Hope, by now things are fine at your end.How did you sort the issue? Please share with us.

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