Need Suggesion about Infertility Center in Hyderabad

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    Hello Frnds,

    I am aged 28 now and it had been 3 years I have married. After 6 months of my marriage I got conceived and it got aborted. Later when we did scan they found multiple fibroids in my uterus... So I have consulted a doctor in apollo Hospital and she did mymoctomy of sep 2011 and removed big fibroids . She had given folic acid and other vitamin tablets to continue and asked me to try normally to conceive.

    Now i am worried since days are passing...Searching for a good fertility center in hyderbad where doctor takes care of patients pain and give a good result.I found Ramas fertility center, Anu's infertility center,Oasis fertility center and Padmaja fertility center. I am new to hyderabad . Can any one suggest which is best . So that I can start proceeding with the next step.

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