Need opinions about moving to Dallas, TX for employment

Discussion in 'Working Women' started by kanmani, May 10, 2006.

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    Hello all,

    We are currently living in NY. My husband is in a consulting job and travels frequently. It really doesn't matter from his job perspective where we live in the US.

    Now, I have an opportunity of getting employment in a company in Dallas, TX ready to do a H1B too. They are a small telecom company currently expanding and I have negotiated a reasonable pay though not very high, but good to start with.

    We are still in a dilemma of whether it will be worth moving from NY to Dallas,TX!!

    Some of the points that makes us undecisive are:

    The stability of this small company - how is the telecom job market in Dallas, if I need to change jobs?
    We own a house at NY - is it worth selling & moving? Can we buy in Dallas - how is the real estate market?
    Cost of living in NY Vs Dallas
    Climate in Dallas Vs NY
    Indian neighbourhood in Dallas? NY has lots of Indians and I have never felt away from home.

    Though the last two are the least things to worry compared to the rest, I wanted to take opinions of ladies here - who are in TX and especially if they have worked/working in TX.

    Look forward to your valuable suggestions.

    Thank you in advance,


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    I would recommend Dallas

    Hi Kanmani,

    I am not sure how desperate you were in getting a job here in the US, as opposed to being a H4 visa at home. If you are not planning for a baby in the near future, I would recommend you go in for Dallas for the main reason of having got an opportunity with a company that has agreed to do a H1B visa for you.

    I feel all the factors are favoring an easy move to Dallas for you.

    1. Husband's job is not dependant on being in any particular location
    2. Climate in Dallas is good (real hot summer like Chennai, moderate spring and short less cold winter) - what more you need?
    3. Definitely cost of living in Dallas should be much less than in NY, I have a friend in NY and I have my s-i-l in Dallas and I am comparing based on what they tell me about rent, groceries and other consumable they purchase for their home.

    Only thing you want to research more would be about selling your house in NY and buying in Dallas. I know in Dallas the real estate appreciation is not so high - because Texas has huge vast lands. You can buy for very less and when you want to sell it takes a long time (more than 5 to 7 years) to appreciate. My s-i-l owns a house in Dallas. NY real estate market you should be familiar I guess.

    Good luck to you Kanamani. I hope things will favor for you to take up the job and enjoy a good career.


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