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Need one-bedroom/bath apartment in Fairfax

Discussion in 'Indians in Fairfax' started by Geetha Ganapathy, Nov 26, 2007.

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    Dear Indus Ladies in Virginia (Vienna/Fairfax areas):

    My family of three (myself, my husband and our high school going daughter) will be visiting the U.S. during April/May 2008. We are looking for a one-bedroom/bath accommodation in the Fairfax or Vienna area. Do you know of any Indian families that might be letting out such space?

    We are Tamilians (Palghat Iyers!) living in Adyar, Chennai. We are strict vegetarians, and not the partying kind, primarily visiting the U.S. to look at universities for undergraduate education for our daughter. If you know of anyone who would be willing to provide such facilites, could you please put us in touch through a private message?

    Thank you for any and all assistance you may be able to provide,
    Geetha Ganapathy
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