Need info on distance between Anutest tube baby center and training Institutes in Hyd

Discussion in 'Housing in Hyderabad' started by reachingskies, Aug 23, 2013.

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    Hello friends,

    I stay in US right now planning to move to hyderabad for 6 months as I am planning to join course in training institue in Hyderabad.
    Please suggest me where training institutes are located..

    If anyone know good training institute..please suggest me..

    Actually I am planning to undergo IVF in Anu test tube baby center..

    I want to do course for 3 months get the tests done required in the hospital in that time..
    Its because I know doctor won't do IVF on the first cycle itself and my husband will be joining me after 3 months of my stay in hyderabad. Meanwhile I want to complete course...

    I am looking for location which is nearby to training institute and hospital..

    Many people staying in Hyderabad will be knowing something or the other information which i have asked for...

    Please spare some time for replying my post...

    Thanks in Advance

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    Re: Need info on distance between Anutest tube baby center and training Institutes in

    hi... you will find many institutes near by hospital, may be around 15 minutes distance. you just need to select best institute depending up on the course you are opting for.
    good luck for you :2thumbsup:

    doh1 it's too old thread is't it .. but how come it came in the first place without anyones posts thinkingsmiley
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