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Need info about Trivandurm

Discussion in 'Trivandrum' started by Priya_Mommy, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Priya_Mommy

    Priya_Mommy Gold IL'ite

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    Hello All,

    I need to attend a global conference being organized by our organization at Trivendrum from April 7th-9th. All the travel arrangements are being made and my hubby is also joining me. I am little worried because day time I will be entirely busy with my conference, but are there any siteseeing places otherthan padmanabhaswamy temple and beach in TVM or in just 1 or 2 hours distance max???
    I will try to get off from 8th evening to 9th evening till my return flight.....I am interested to add another place in my journey like Munnar or Kanyakumari. Any idea how long is hte journey from TVM to Munnar or Kanyakumari???
    If its just 1-2 hours, I am planning to cover otherwise have to comebck without any other places.
    Just need your help.

  2. Arunadhri

    Arunadhri Bronze IL'ite

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    Re: Need info about Trivendurm

    I love Trivandrum. However, it is a one horse town.

    One can spend half a day at the zoo, museum complex. There is a hillock called Kanaka Kunnu (Golden Hill). Around this is the zoo, museum and the Ravi Verma art gallery - Chitra. I can spend hours there. Opposite is the waterworks hill with an astronomical observatory built by John Harrison, who built the famous Meridian Building at Greenwich, England. The meridian line and the couch used by Harrison are still there.

    The Kanaka Kunnu palace itself is beautiful. If you are lucky the keeper may let you see some of the royal artefacts held here.

    Kanya Kumari is within two hours drive.

    Last edited: Apr 2, 2011

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