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Need Help On Child's Eye Care - Acquired Squint

Discussion in 'Schoolgoers & Teens' started by deeprapriya, Apr 2, 2021.

  1. deeprapriya

    deeprapriya Gold IL'ite

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    My daughter is 9 years old. She was diagnosed with acquired squint in her right eye last year.She has less power in right eye -1. I closely observed this squint problem when she was at home during covid period.

    I have gone to check up in Sankara nethralaya 2 times where the pediatric opthamalogist suggested patching good eye for 2 hours.... But in the recent check up, the doctor says , we might have to do surgery to correct squint.

    Mom's,I am so much worried, Please let me know if there is a way to correct squint in one eye without surgery. I am from Chennai, please let me know good hospitals who treats squint.

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