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Need help friends..Hubby moving to Mississipi for 1 yr

Discussion in 'Indians in Mississippi' started by kavithavijay, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. kavithavijay

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    Dear friends,:hiya

    Your valuable suggestions will be of great help for me.

    My husband will be visiting scholar in University of Mississipi for a period of one year. This is the first time he is travelling internationally and has booked his tickets on British Airways.

    Can u pl. suggest what imp. thing to be brought from India espl. food as he is very sensitive to outside food. Is it very costly over there. I heard that temp variation is high ie. from 40 to -5C...
    Any other suggestions and advise pl. tell me.

    thanks in advance
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  2. geetha mahesh

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    There is lot of misconception that temperatures are low and food is not adjustable etc etc...
    when you are here for a purpose then you will do it at any cost...
    we get rice here in any corner ok..but a different kinds of rice which the mexicans,hispanic and some of the americans use...believe me it is edible...
    and we do get vegetarian everywhere as they people also use vegetables....
    regarding stuff to get I suggest one set of basic medications as we may not b able to get to doctors as soon as we come..and at times some people find it difficult to adjust to the weather here...but it will not be for long..within a month everybody gets on with routine...and regarding first winter..I guess it is more hyped than anything..it is not so unmanageable as if it were to be like that then there wouldnt have been so many immigrants coming everyday!!...
    the life here has far more advantages compared to the small sacrifices we need to make..as they say no gain without pain.....get enough clothes as we cannot wash it everyday!!..because it is the machine which washes..haha...so thats it...you can get some dry powders like pappu,thangai podi,poondu podi,pickles etc
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