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Need Bedroom with private bath & shared kitchen - June 2015

Discussion in 'Indians in King of Prussia' started by Hysteria, Mar 19, 2015.

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    My son 22 is looking for shared accommodation in the KOP or Conshohocken or Valley Forge area. If anyone could provide advice or knows of some place safe where he could rent please could you let me know. Also if you know of other young male of his age looking to share, then they could rent / share an apartment. He needs to be there in June 2015. He also needs parking.
    He is a well behaved, easy going and considerate person. He doesn't smoke, drinks very rarely (only socially), doesn't do drugs. He has had a 4.0 GPA while at university and is completing his final semester right now. He is non veg. No pets. We are from Goa currently living in State College PA.
    He works out at the gym on a regular basis and likes to cook his own food most days.
    I am hoping that the friendly ladies here at IL will come through with info and advice for me. Many thanks in advance. Cathy

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