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National Underwear Day

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Kamalji, Aug 17, 2007.

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    National Underwear Day <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />

    Times of India,Thursday,dated 9th Aug, 07,page 18,Delhi Edition, has a picture of twoladies parading themselves in undies on the main street of Times Square New York,marking the National Under Wear Day.

    Very soon, in india this fashion may catch up,just like we have aped the Western Days like Mother's Day,Father'sday,Valentine Day.This day may see Men trutting in their Amul Macho Undies on the main streets,or the wives washing the undies with glee,in the open.I cant scan the picture accompaning , as Indus may delete my Blog.

    I am an old fashioned guy, and i thought undies are for something else.But now i recall why these new Jeans Called Hipsters or something like that were worn by young girls.So that when they bend,the upper part of the undies can be seen,along with the label and the brand.But then people are stupid,superman was smart.He wore Undies over his dress,I dont know about Superwoman,if she did the same.And at my age,I dare not wear Hipsters,as i dont wear these branded Undies,i make do with Lux underwear or Banian,or Cycle Chap brand,or anything similar,and people would laugh at my brands,and at me.

    We had taken part in the Garment show at Pret a Porte,Paris many years back.We had an Indian Exporter's area,on the 3 rd floor.And there was no business,no buyers entering our stall.The neighbouring stall fellow was my friend,and we used to loiter around,all the floors just to time pass.On the Second floor,were the lingerie and undergarment guys.And they were having catwalks right in the middle,thru out the day.And boy,what a lovely sight to the sore eyes,with nubiles parading the sheerest of the lingerie,leaving nothing to imagination.

    Their dressing room was made of cubicles,with curtains,and 4 poles.Between the pole and the curtain was a gap,where u could see the girls changing,and having nothing better to do,we both used to peep,and we learned more about anotomy in Paris, than in our classes in college.The 5 days flew off well,and we came back with plenty of memories,but no orders.

    Hotel Centaur,Mumbai,held the first Indian Garment Fair in the late seventies,they had just opened and needed the publicity.Our room was on the 3rd floor.Centaur is made round,and in the centre is the Swimming Pool,and huge lawns and the fashion show used to be held in the evening 6 onwards.I was standing in my room watching the show,when i noticed the changing rooms.they were temprory,covered 4 sides,but the top portion was not covered.

    The models were some of the top names in those days.Protima Bedi was one of them,and others i dont really remember.Maybe one anita Reddy,not very sure,and many others.They came to change,and we could see them in all their glory.I mean i was not the only guy to watch,but all the rooms this side of the circle could.What fascinated me was,there were so many people with the model when she was changing.One helped her take her dress off,next one made her hair,someone made her put on her shoes.And the models had no qualms about being naked in front of the team in the dressing room.

    At the dinner time,it was a buffet,and all the models were there,invited by the Association.Drinks were on the house,and u should have seen Protima Bedi,with a ciggie inonehand and a glass of whiskey in the other.She was famous,as she had streaked just recently and her pics were all over the national papers then.But i was giggling,bcs i saw her from close by from my room.And i was in my prime then,mid twenties.But all good things have to end one day,and I got married soon after.(Of course not to Protima Bedi)

    So happy This Day ( no names ) to all of you,surely this day will come next year,forced on us by the Card companies,who are always looking for opportunities to sell more of their cards.Sweet Dreams.


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    If men see so many panties they will stop salvating when they see woman.

    The secrecy of anatomy increases the curiosity.
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    well, really does it happen ? I do belive for most stuff of the Osho philosophy applies, but not to this topic, no maam


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