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Namekeeping of a Bihari's Child

Discussion in 'Jokes' started by daffodil, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. daffodil

    daffodil Bronze IL'ite

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    wife for four (4) years while his wife was in Patna ( Bihar).

    At the end of 4 years he distributed sweets to his
    colleagues in office stating that his wife had delivered a son.

    His colleagues were quite shocked and they asked how this "Happy
    event" happened when he had not seen his wife for four years...

    The man said it is common in Bihar that neighbours take care of the
    wife (good Samaritans) when men are away.

    The colleagues asked him, "What name will you give to the son?"

    The man explained, "If its the second neighbour who has taken
    care,then the name would be "DWIVEDI";

    If it is the third neighbour then it would
    be "TRIVEDI",

    If it is the fourth neighbour then it
    would be "CHATURVEDI" ;

    If its the fifth neighbour then it would
    be "PANDEY"...

    After listening to this, questions followed.

    What if it is a mixture of neighbours?
    "Then the boy would be named "MISHRA"...

    And what if the wife is too shy to tell
    the name of the neighbour?
    Then it would be "SHARMA"...

    But what if she refuses to divulge the
    name of the neighbour?
    Then the name of the child would be "GUPTA"...

    If she does not remember the name then?
    "It is YAAD-AV"

    But who knows whether the child resulted
    from a rape?
    Then it will be named "DOSHI"...

    Finally, if the child happened because
    of wife's burning desire?
    Then he will be named "JOSHI"...

    And if the whole country had made efforts
    for the happy arrival?....

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