My son and PCM

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    Dear Friends,

    I would take this opportunity to share some of my son's jokes here.

    Very Recently, he is now studying in STD I, there was a competative exam called PCM (progressive Curriculam Management), in that Questions will be asked about GK,English, Maths... In that to my surprise he cleared that (without much preparation)in semi finals.

    After hearing that result, i felt happy and told him very good, so lets really prepare for Finals, so that u clear in that Final.also. He started crying saying i have done nicely naa why they ask me to right again...:redface: What shall tell him???????????

    When he was about 3 years, generally at home all use to tell him dont play in sand or mud dont make urself dirty... and so on, when we went to beach, he refuse to sit in the sand saying u people are sitting in sand and making dirty clothes..:mad:

    I told him once, if u are not learning nicely, you are going to be only in school and not going to be in college.. then he cooly replied why my miss has not studied well aa so that only she is still in school... what to say:idontgetit:

    This keeps going on and on....


    I am trying to make him understand some thing, atlast he is making me understand something.. :shock:

    I will keep posted, until my son calls me for doubt... here he is calling me for other question:idea:

    Revathi (Inder's Mom)

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