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    LOVE IS ALL we need to live for, to smile and to cherish the moments for a lifetime. People say love comes in all packages in all forms from our parents to children, between siblings, husband and wife, spouses, lovers, friends to every small matter in this universe.

    We actually love everything without paying much attention in our everyday lives. But when it comes to expressing it becomes slightly difficult to express our liking to someone special. We live in a typical conservative society where contemporary fashion and definition of love has not changed the concept of love. Even now and in many of the middle class family there is a growing communication gap between the generations and the mounting inhibitions to express themselves freely.

    We all love everyday, in the smallest details of life, when our mother cooks meals for us and garnishes it with love and aroma, but we still keep our loving side concealed and do not express it often. That’s the way love goes in our society everyday, unmentioned, quiet, with rewards of silence and no accolades to the one who makes everything worth living. Don’t you think a little acknowledgement of love will do miraculously in the life of our loved ones? After all everybody understand the magic of love and no one can get way with its spell, it’s bliss that brings rich colours to our mundane life.

    Valentine day is one such occasion to celebrate the feeling of love, to express oneself and to acknowledge to the world that you have someone worthy and beautiful to love for and to be loved by someone who is worthy. With history retreating every now and then, Saint Valentine martyrdom day, February 14, is celebrated as the festival of love across the globe patronizing the divine and jubilant feeling of love. Exchange of goodies, cards, beautiful roses, some lovely gifts and romance doing the rounds makes you feel that love is in the air. It is indeed in the air, but we don’t realize it everyday. Some sweet text messages casting a spell, some caring goodnight messages giving you good sleep makes us feel special. Valentine Day is just not the endorsement of some foreign culture as despite thought, it’s the day that gives us some beautiful moments to cherish beautiful relations, lovely memories for the future and immunity from the bondages of the world, because all that is in love.

    In this world driven by losses and gains love is the only thread that’s binds us together, weaves the ecstatic bondages of commitment, and instigates the feelings of caring and sharing with our loved ones. Caught in this chaotic world, let’s make love a tool to bring smiles and peace. Let flowers do the magic, let music set the mood, let love notes make you smile, let us lit a candle in the night to see through, lets express love for a day cause there are more than pains everywhere.
    I wish each one of you a love-filled Valentine Day...
    Besst wishes always...
    Arlette Azavedo

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    Dear Arlette,

    Very well written!

    And, this is the true take on what a Valentine really is :) Anyone who touches your heart rightfully becomes your valentine, it need not be a romantic feeling alone.

    Enjoyed reading it.

    Please note that I had to move this post to this forum where it is more appropriate.

    L, Kamla

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