My Indian Gluten Free Recipe Post 5 Coconut / Thengai/ Nariyal Barfi

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    Coconut / thengai/ nariyal barfi
    One big coconut to be grated
    One and half cup sugar
    Cardamom 10 to 12 pieces
    Cashew nuts 2 tbsp
    Pistachios 1 tbsp
    Ghee three tbsp


    Grate one coconut. Keep ready one and half cup sugar. This will be in the ratio of, for one cup grated coconut, take three fourth cup sugar. Twelve pieces of cardamom to be crushed to powder, two tbsp cashew nuts and 1 tbsp pistachios. Take three small fistfuls of coconut and grind to paste by adding half a glass of water. Heat ghee. Add cashew nuts. When they turn colour (don't let them brown too much) add sugar. Mix it well. Then add coconut paste. Keep flame medium. Mix well. Then increase heat and add rest of the coconut. Add cardamom powder. Then sugar will melt and the mixture turns dry. Switch off flame. Transfer to another bowl greased with ghee. Spread it evenly with the back of a ladle. Then garnish with pistachios and cashew it well so that the nuts are well pressed to the mixture. When it cools down completely, cut into desired shapes and serve.
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