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My Dear Truth, Where Are You?

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jayasala42, Oct 2, 2020.

  1. jayasala42

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    Today is Gandhi Jayanthi.It reminds every one
    of us two inter related words‘Sathyam’ and
    ‘Sathyagraham’, only to be forgotten within a
    day or two.
    From the day the child is born into this world,
    he is brought up among lies,lies and unmixed lies.
    It is conventional wisdom that children never
    tell lies.But researchers on child psychology
    convey that lying plays a positive role in normal
    child development and that telling lies is more
    or less comparable to individual thinking and
    emotional control.All kids learn to lie well even
    at the age of two.
    In 2015, my three-year-old grandson
    visited us. He said,
    “Patti [grandmother], you look ugly
    because your head is full of grey hair.
    Why does your mouth look strange?
    Ha ha ha, you don’t have teeth? You
    don't know how to make crisp dosas
    as my mother.”
    In 2017, he made another visit. Now he
    said, “Patti, you look
    so nice with your grey hair. I also like
    your soft dosa smeared with chilli
    powder. You do idli and dosa well,
    and Amma does noodles and pasta very
    ”What a change? He has made his
    glorious entry into the kingdom of lies!
    Am I to feel happy that his
    psychological growth is perfect? Or sad
    because he has mingled with the
    majority?When children make
    open remarks, we parents intervene and
    make them believe that honesty is not
    welcome and that there is
    a fine line between telling the truth and
    hurting people.
    We poison the minds of children who innocently convey to the person at the doorstep, "Daddy says that he is not at home".
    Knowingly or unknowingly, man is forced to be consciously aware of telling different lies to different persons to
    escape being caught and is unable to come out of the vicious circle.
    For fear of concealing the truth, if we are silent, then silence also becomes a lie.Not to talk of election promises
    which are nothing but lies
    wrapped in pretty packages.
    The lies by learned lawyers come under the "technically true" category and they are experts in misleading others to believe what is not true as true.There
    is no dearth of undertakngs
    ‘to speak the truth,the whole truth
    and nothing but truth’.
    Fake swamijis and astrologers take
    advantage of crisis-struck customers and extract thousands of rupees.
    Known is the marketing strategy of sales guys,
    stalwarts in spinning nice yarns.If sales men start being strictly honest,they have
    to starve from the very next month.
    All research findings become lies one day, on further findings. Medical truths turn out to be falsehoods
    when further truths are revealed.We have
    practically experienced this during corona crisis.

    "History is a set of lies already agreed upon,"
    said Napoleon. Lies have been in existence
    from time immemorial. Tenali Raman’s brain brimmed with such lies.
    My mom lied to me that the moon,
    Chanda Mama, is nearby, benevolent and blazing by the side of dancing colourful deer, so that I would 'eat' whatever she fed me with love.
    Even Gods are no exception. With a view to eliminating the power of Dhronacharya
    at the enemy camp on the Kurukshetra war
    fields, Yudhishtira, the eldest of the Pandavas known for his impeccable honesty,
    is made to tell not just a 'white lie' but a deeply designed 'blackest of lies'.
    “Aswathama Hathaha Kunjaraha"
    with the last word ‘kunjaraha’ drowned in the din and hoary noise of war drums and
    wind instruments, neighing of horses and
    trumpeting of elephants.
    [The elephant named Aswathama has been
    This was with an intent and motive to make the real war hero Aswathama to be believed as 'dead' by his father Dhronacharya located far away
    from his son at that point of time.
    Dhrona took his life forthwith to
    the delight of the Pandavas. Lord Sri Krishna, as their divine adviser,
    threw up several 'lies' under the pretext of protecting 'dharma'. But he could never
    destroy the liars. They continue to cherish and thrive.
    Can we find any field free from lies and deception?

    Lies are stated to be sugar coated capsules
    to convey the bitter truths in life.The liars that have social acceptance are the actors,dramatists,historians and fiction writers who are specialized in the art of weaving series of lies .They escape the scandal because of the professional tag attached .

    Not to talk of election promises which are nothing but lies wrapped in pretty packings.
    Politicians and lies-The bond is quite strong and unbreakable .

    Medical professionals give false hopes to the relatives of the terminally ill patients,extract
    lakhs of rupees within a week, only to convey God’s will and hand over the mortal remains.

    Not to talk of poets, fiction writers and literary
    scholars who enjoy exaggeration and telling lies to make juicy topics revolve around.

    Wherever you turn,you see nothing but lies.

    There are fraudsters in education,marketing and religion too.

    When we become so much accustomed to lies
    and deceipt,one feels as if he is committing a crime if he starts telling the truth which appears
    false and dangerous.In the present situation,
    ”Truth is nothing more than what one chooses to
    believe in the moment”.
    I am reminded of the words of the poet Steve Turner
    “I believe that each man find the truth for him.
    Reality will adapt accordingly.
    The Universe will readjust. History will alter."

    I believe that there is no absolute truth excepting
    the truth that there is no absolute truth.
    We want to set aside the above belief and proclaim
    in unison
    Dear Truth,
    Where are you?Please wake up from your deep slumber and come back to us in your original
    attire.The world is prepared to give a warm reception.
    But how many in the world will be able to recognize the entirely forgotten face of Real
    truth. A million dollar question!!
    But the blame is shifted on Kaliyuga.
    The whole world is Maya, says
    Sankaracharya. It is not real and is stated to be a web
    created by our own thoughts.The national
    motto "Sathyameva Jayathe" still holds good with definition of ‘Sathyam’ having undergone a total metamorphosis.
    On Mahatma Gandhi's 151st birth anniversary, do we have anything else to
    do but pray ‘let the lies of human beings in various fields grow in leaps and bounds, adding more beauty to the existing ‘delusion'.?
    Maya embellishing Maya!

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  2. iyerviji

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    Awesome post Jayakka. I agree cent percent what you have written.
  3. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    :hello:A serious take on current value of “truth”.

    A Blow by account of truth,

    Unpalatable truth about ailing truth,
    A bitter noise about prevailing truth,
    A truth about all facets of truth,
    A wonderful read.

    Truth is simplified
    Lies are magnified.
    Truth is Scarry.
    Truth is pure
    Lie is an art.

    Lies are told like truth
    But truth can’t be told like a lie.

    Truth is skeletons in cupboard,
    Lies rules the jurisprudence.

    Truth is plain & pain,
    Lies can masquerade & glorious.

    Child speaks simple truth.
    Man speaks (ig)Noble lies

    Iago lies like truth
    While Desdemonas suffer strangulations
    Othellos left in lurch.

    In Tamil Nadu government emblem underneath the temple tower image it is written
    வாய்மையே வெல்லும்
    It means only winner is the “ power of Speech”. So that’s how one party defeats and the other forms the new government. But it’s English Translation or so called equivalent “truth prevails”. In reality ......

    Universal Saint Thiruvalluvar Himself says tell lies if it is going to help a poor.

    I read an answer in quora which is reproduced here:

    (.) You are watching a nail-biting T20 cricket Final match.

    India is chasing a big target against Pakistan or Australia. Dhoni and Kohli are in the crease. You are watching the match, ball by ball sitting in the edge of your seat.

    Suddenly someone knocks your door. You get irritated as you are interrupted and open it to see some distant relative of yours have come to your home.

    Now you know he’ll be in your home for the next 20–30 minutes. You are going to miss the important 5–7 overs of the match.

    The relative asks you, “Sorry, did I disturb you while seeing match?”.

    What would you reply? You have two choices.

    Will you say the truth that “Yes. You are disturbing. Didn’t you get any better time to come?”

    Or, will you say lie, “No, not at all. They play match everyday. You come rarely. I’m glad to have you home.”

    I’m pretty sure you say that the second option, which is not the truth.

    If you tell the truth exactly what you think, then your relative will not even step into your home and even would cut all ties with you.(.)

    By same analogy, if everyone starts telling truths, the world can’t endure and would sure be in terrible chaos.

    In a different context, tamil Saint Thiruvalluvar says,

    A lie attains the place of the truth when it does some good without causing any problem.

    பொய்மையும் வாய்மை யிடத்த புரைதீர்ந்த
    நன்மை பயக்கும் எனின்.

    Falsehood may take the place of truthful word,
    If blessing, free from fault, it can afford.
  4. jayasala42

    jayasala42 IL Hall of Fame

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    Thank you very much Thyagarajan Sir.
    We are always for sweet lies and not for bitter truth.That is the real truth.
    Jayasala 42
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  5. iyerviji

    iyerviji IL Hall of Fame

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    You have not seen my feedback
  6. HariLakhera

    HariLakhera Platinum IL'ite

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    Quite an interesting subject of all times. I would say if we cannot define truth, it is equally difficult to define a lie. Truth or lie if it serves the interest of the speaker is the main issue.
    As for kids, my take is that they say what they feel, unless taught otherwise. They may say a lie only when faced with a punishment or denial.
    In the case of your grandson, it is quite possible that on his first visit he was innocent enough to know what to say and what not. Everyone might have laughed over his innocent remark. So he spoke what he felt. In his second visit, it is possible that his mother reminded him of his last time remarks of innocency and now that he was grown up, he should mind his words and say what she taught him.
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  7. kaluputti

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    I totally agree with the wisdom of Hariji.
  8. Thyagarajan

    Thyagarajan IL Hall of Fame

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    :hello:With a friend of mine I reached fourth floor in lift - the office of government undertaking to get the cheque for principle + interest accumulated on a cumulative deposit made jointly with spouse on the date of maturity. The condition for payment is either or survivor.
    It was approaching lunch break for that office too.
    The man behind the desk insisted that the original receipt should contain the signature of my spouse too. Instead protesting, I simply said I shall come back in a few minutes with FD receipt signed by my spouse.
    (In red - it is a white lie)

    Between home where spouse is and this undertaking office there is a distance of around 15 kms.

    When friend questioned me on reaching the ground floor, outside the lift I told him just watch. I went to a corner and signed like my spouse on a newspaper in hand three four times and satisfied then signed on the FD like spouse signature. After that we rat around for half an hour outside the premises, went back to the office and presented the fd receipt. The man at desk received it with a smile had a cursory glance, told us to wait while it would be processed. Ten minutes later, he called me and handed over the cheque for refund of deposit + interest accrued.

    My friend had a broad smile.

    Thanks and Regards.
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  9. jayasala42

    jayasala42 IL Hall of Fame

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    Thank you

    Thank you Madam.
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  10. jayasala42

    jayasala42 IL Hall of Fame

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    Thank you Harilakhera Sir.We understand about kids and how parents instruct them to behave. There seems to be no place for true honesty in the world and we prefer smartness to integrity. True people are branded as 'fit for nothing'.

    jayasala 42
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