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My Blind Smile

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by rajkumarankar, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. rajkumarankar

    rajkumarankar Senior IL'ite

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    You just left me a blind smile
    I am now covering few oceans of tears in my eyes
    How can I say how much I love you
    Without You I already died
    You took with you all my hopes
    All my happy moments and my true smile
    Every time you loved to see a smile on my face
    You made me promise I will be smiling for ever
    I tried many times to smile from my heart
    But it can only cry , leaving a blind smile on my face

    Why did you left me alone in this strange world

    Now I am feeling all alone like a new species
    Still I am searching for you a true smile
    But why these tears flowing from my eyes

    You just left me a blind smile

    But you filled some broken dreams in my heart
    And how can I truely smile
    My true smile is you and now it's not with me
    But I am still trying to smile truely
    And I observe not more than a blind smile on my face


  2. natpudan

    natpudan Gold IL'ite

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    It's a binding Smile Raaj.

    Very good.

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