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Music and Dance-a reflection on music season

Discussion in 'Music and Dance' started by jayasala42, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. jayasala42

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    Music season has almost come to an end.Hundreds of sabhas entertained the music lovers. Musicians all over the world throng the city to get prime slot.
    Music has technically originated from sound or dvani.Many songs suited to the location, occasion and occupation have been in existence long before the classification of ragas.

    Every human being is a born rasika though he may not be able to differentiate ragas.
    There is music from cradle to coffin.An infant sleeps in a cloth swing tied to a bamboo pole fixed to the platform, happily listening to mother's lullaby.

    For the poor labourer working in a construction site,the sound of digging borewell is'bhoopalam'. concrete mixing is'mohanam' and carpenter's sawing sound is'saveri'.
    A rasika experiences music in a concert hall,the fishernan at lakes and seas and the labourers at mount gardens at the feet of nature. the elite enjoys nature from music and the peasant enjoys music in nature. Only the elite and rich go to concert halls.Daily wage earners with hand to mouth living,have time only to think about next meals. For them, the cry of babies and shouting from the drunken husbands are the kritis.
    'sotrukke talam, paattukku enge pozhuthu?'
    Rich and NRI s have to wait for December to listen to veterans who delve in complicated ragas.For Aam Aadmi, who lives amidst music of life, every day is a music season.
    ( This is an extract of my article published in the Hindu on 20th Nov 2011)
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  2. sunita1211

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    One can find music in everything from a carpenters hammer to a constrution sites digger , or one can even call music as a noise ........


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