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multilevel maketing

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by santasekar, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. santasekar

    santasekar Senior IL'ite

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    Hi Friends,

    I recide in the US for the past( nearly) 2 years .I feel very happy when i meet our Indians when i go out n most of us just cross each other with a smile .But some people slowly at first give a smile to us n if u r with ur kid then that becomes a great chance for them . They start talking to the kid first n then will begin to enquire abt ur details n end up taking your phone number n some even inviting u for a party in their house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    When i first met such a couple who spoke so well to me n my hubby i was shocked . They were so caring n nice . But later i regretted very much for that .2 days aft they meet us they gave us a call n started to canvas for their multilevel marketing !!!!!!!

    Yes ,i do agree that it is agood source of income or a great business opp. ( as they call ) for people who are interested , but think of others . Anywhere we go they follow us n take up our precious time n r not ready to let us move frm that place. They check our phone numbers ( dial n see ) n verify that they r working nos ..Highlight is that they dont mind the place at all.......be it malls or temple or parking place etc .....they r very much interested only in their business development.

    Not once or twice but many times .......we stop to people as a sign of courtesy but it goes for a waste .Nowadays i'm really scared to smile at people :eek:mg:.



  2. SupriyaDinesh

    SupriyaDinesh Silver IL'ite

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    Hey Santa,
    Even this happened many times with us.We got irritated.They smile and immediately ask for contact numbers.We feel bad to talk rudely or deny to smile to our fellow indians.They put us in a tight corner.Hope i dont meet any such people again.

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