Moving to Singapore in Aug 2015. Got some specific queries. Please help.

Discussion in 'Indians in Singapore' started by Nannu, Jun 30, 2015.

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    Hello All!

    We may relocate to Singapore from London in Aug- Sep 2015. My DD is 5 year old and my DS is 10 months old.Since we are going to be moving at a very short notice I need to do my research ( schooling , housing etc) before landing in Singapore.

    DH will be working at Raffles Place.

    Any pointers on the following will really help:

    1. We are having a dilemma whether to send our daughter to an Indian or a British school.

    If we go for an Indian school which one is a better choice -GIIS or NPS. Also which is the preferred campus of GIIS?

    If we go down the British schooling option:

    British Tanglin Trust school has a one year waiting list and Dover court International school has a short waiting list as well.So we were thinking of putting DD in OFS as spaces are available. Any experiences to share with OFS ?

    We are open to suggestions of other British schools.

    2. Depending on the school could u please suggest which are the good areas to live.

    - Commute should be maximum 30 - 40 mins door to door to Raffles place
    - well connected
    - close to a supermarket/ Indian grocery shop for day to day shopping
    - Good Multi- cultural community

    3. Like wise pls suggest popular condos. We are basically looking for a three bed with a budget of 4-5k SGD.

    4.We would also like recommendations on maid agencies where we can find a decent maid of our choice .We are looking for an all rounder who is good with Indian vegetarian cooking.Are there any good agencies that provide good indian maids?Also how long is the process the get the maid.


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    Hi Tia,

    Welcome to SG :)

    SG is quite a small place, so commute should not be a big issues. You can look for condos around city hall, outram park.

    There are many maid agencies and most of them provide well trained indian maids. They will send the profiles for you to look through and arrage interviews. A few that I have heard of (through TV ads) are chandra maid agency and raghav maid agency. Of course, there must be many more.

    With regard to oversease school, I have no idea. Hope members with info would reply to help you.

    Best wishes.

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