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Moving to Connecticut In December (Could not find a thread dedicated to Connecticut)

Discussion in 'Indians in Connecticut' started by binda, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. binda

    binda New IL'ite

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    Hi Ladies,
    First, I am a great fan of this site. I believe that this site is like a bible of sorts to many. I appreciate all the advice and suggestions given in this site.

    Second, My question.
    We moved to NJ in March 2013 from Maine. It was a huge change after living in maine for 6 years. NJ somehow seems very busy(I m a housewife with a 3 and half year old). I had a great time in Maine and not so great time in NJ.

    My husband has a project in CIGNA ,(works for CTS,) Bloomsfield CT, hence this move again.
    Can anyone suggests apartments, pre schools, especially where there are lot of Indians. I am craving for those regular get togethers, Pongal parties(I am a Tamilian. ), new year parties, ugadi etc.

    All suggestions are greatly appreciated. Hoping for speedy responses.

    Thanks in advance.


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