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Moving To Bay Area, Need Help Urgently!

Discussion in 'Housing in Bay Area' started by AnnieB, Aug 24, 2016.

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    Hi folks, I am new to Indusladies forum and I would really appreciate if anybody could provide information on housing options around the bay area suburbs. My husband and I are planning to move to the Bay area in the coming week. My husband's office will be in Foster city and I will be looking for a job too once we settle down.

    About where we want to live and what we are looking for:

    1. A 2 bedroom apartment in a safe locality (looking for something within $3000)
    2. Would prefer a new apartment/condo with parking space included
    3. Should be in reasonable proximity to public transportation such BART or Caltrain
    4. Indian Community will be a nice-to-have
    5. Not huge fans of super quiet neighbourhoods, would prefer a little bit of buzz around, with easy access to restaurants, shopping complex, etc.

    I have done a bit of research online, and gathered that Sunnyvale and Fremont are the ones with major indian communities. But how heavy is the commute from these places to Foster city (note - my husband plans to drive to work), and which is a better area to live in? I'm also concerned about navigating through the bridges from the east bay (Fremont).

    If you have any other neighbourhood suggestions closer to Foster City but under $3000, please call out.

    Also, please suggest me some apartment communities that are nice to stay at.


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