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Moving To Austin..looking To Make New Friends

Discussion in 'Indians in Austin' started by jyothika, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. jyothika

    jyothika New IL'ite

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    Hi friends am moving to north austin, hoping to make some new friends.
    Any suggestions on good Indian communities in the area that go to Westwood high school?
    I saw in one post that Riata has a lot of Indian families. Does this community go to WW high school?
    Any other suggestions for apartments under this school zone?
    Something near to school/libraries/Indian grocery etc.

    Is it good to stay in apartments or rent private condos? We want to stay connected with everyone. So am really looking forward to your inputs since we don't know much about the place.

    if there are any WhatsApp groups would really like to join and stay connected.

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