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Discussion in 'Indians in Singapore' started by kokela, Nov 23, 2010.

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    Hi ladies,

    I'm a Singapore citizen, born and brought up in SG married to an Indian (SPR here). My hubby is the only son for my in-laws and hence, it's his duty to care for his aging parents. My FIL is 62 and MIL is 55. My hubby has lived and worked in SG for almost 10 years so he's very much comfortable living here and it's needless to mention abt me. This is my home. For the sake of being near to my in-laws, in 2008, my hubby and I moved to Bangalore and lived there for about 1.5 years so that we could be nearer to my in-laws. They live in their native place, Trichy in Tamilnadu. We used to visit them once a month while we were there in Trichy. Though we managed to satisfy their needs to being closer to their son, my hubby and I were not happy living in Bangalore. For me, I just couldn't accept the way of life there, pollution, language difficulty and the list goes on. For my hubby, after so many yrs in SG, he too felt out of place in India.

    Recently I came here to give birth to my baby and my hubby joined me here too. So we have moved back to SG and my in-laws are obviously upset by that but we can't help it coz both of us are not happy living in Bangalore just for their sake. Now I've been thinking of convincing my in-laws to move to SG with us. Afterall, everything "indian" that they get there is available in SG too. Food, tamil speaking people, temples. Even climate is about the same as Tamilnadu. And my sister-in-law is also married and living with her hubby here in SG. So it'll be perfect if my in-laws move to SG and live with us. But I'm just wondering what kind of immigration problems they'll face. Has anyone here tried moving your parents/in-laws with you to SG. Was it possible?

    Please share ur thoughts and any ideas regarding the above is highly appreciated too.

    Thank you all in advance!

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    HI Kokela,

    This is Anitha.v just moved from singapore to Dubai its been a month hardly and already v( me and my hubby) r missing singapore like anything every day. and it is no uncommon for u to feel the same since u r born and brought up there. its really a beautiful city.

    And regarding ur inlaws u urself have a solution as u told that u vl ask them to move to SG that solves all the problems. since SG is mostly populate with tamilians it shud not b a prob for them to feel out of the town they shud feel that they r very much at their own home.

    Ask them to visit for atleast couple of months and they vl know abt everything there and hopefully they get adjusted there.

    I think there shudnt b any prob for their immigration since ur hubby is a PR holder.

    and dnt worry everything vl b alrite ,patience is really required in these matters.
    just enjoy ur new designation that is ur new motherhood.
    enjoy with ur baby.

    bye tc.

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    Check with ICA of Singapore. All the Best!

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