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Moving From Singapore To Chicago Need Help To Find Apartment

Discussion in 'Indians in Chicago' started by anitha587, May 16, 2021.

  1. anitha587

    anitha587 New IL'ite

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    Hi, I am Anitha,

    My son is relocating to Chicago from Singapore. A few years earlier he was staying in Schaumburg Chicago. Now his office is at Sycamore Il. He is looking for a rental located around 30 minutes drive from Sycamore Il towards Chicago. So South Elgin sounded good for the same but need more info on the Indian community nearby. What other places that have Indian communities living which are around 30 minutes drive to Sycamore IL. Please let me know any Indian area that are around 30 minutes drive from Sycamore Il towards Chicago.

  2. Hopikrishnan

    Hopikrishnan Platinum IL'ite

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    Looks like you know your google map. Here are the steps to your goal:
    • Launch google map of Sycamore IL, zoom out to include more neighbourhoods towards Chicago.
    • Search for an Indian Grocery Store chain -- your son may have already shopped in one when he was in Schaumberg, IL.
    • Or.. alternatively search for an Indian Temple.
    • Find out, using "direction" on google map the drive distance and time between Sycamore and the grocery stores.....like Patel Brothers.

    If you tried the Temple search on the google map you will find Naperville/Aurora be a good choice for a location.

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