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Mother Alone In India

Discussion in 'General Discussions - USA & Canada' started by SKoundinya, Mar 25, 2021.

  1. SKoundinya

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    Do anyone of you in my situation where mother is living along in India and I am here and feel helpless, guilty, restless that I am not able to see or help her in anyway. On top of it unavoidable family disturbances due to my brothers divorce and he living very far in different state.

    I am not looking for advises here but trying to relate if anybody in a similar boat.

  2. Hopikrishnan

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    I know someone like that, but a guy. Therefore a little more safe, perhaps.
    • How is your mother...healthwise ?
    • Is she in a secure building/house ? Able to walk out without getting robbed ?
    • Is she able to get food each day ?
    • Can she use a mobile telephone ?
    • Are you in daily conversational contact with her?
    The old guy I know lives alone, he is 71, diabetic (takes medicines each day, and has the danger of overdosing and going into a coma if he doesn't pay attention to dosage or diet), as well as has high bp. However, he is ambulatory, can slowly walk about in his neighbourhood. Visits the vegetable shop everyday to buy some subji making items. Cooks one meal in the afternoon and eats for dinner.

    He has a smart phone with whatsapp. He chats with son (Abu Dhabi) or daughter (New Jersey) each day. If he doesn't chat, his son can send a friend to make sure he is ok.

    Tell us more about your old mum.
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