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Moments which are in memories now ..........

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by aarthi, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. aarthi

    aarthi New IL'ite

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    Moments which are in memories now

    kitni baatein yaad aati hain; tasveere si ban jaati hain
    main kaise unhe bhoolu; dil ko kya samjaoo

    moments which i cherished from the core of my heart
    moments which has become memories now
    moments which are dead infront of the world
    moments which are still alive in my heart
    that smile when i forgot the world whilst laughing
    that icecream which i shared with a weird face
    that chocolate cake which my sweetest brother brought
    with saving his tiny pocket money
    that song which reminds me the my childhood
    my teenage, my young age , my past
    those dreams which were so precious
    now just a faded dreams
    those lovely dresses which i got by crying for long
    those gifts which has no cost in the market
    but priceless for me
    those cards whose each word is of gold for me
    those farewell parties of school and college
    when i cried in the midnight hiding my face in the pillow
    those report cards with red mark
    when i was scared to show to my papa
    those cultural functions in school
    when we enjoyed to miss our maths class
    those one day picnic with friends
    those games and free periods
    those making noise in the school
    those bunking the college period
    those hiding face from teachers
    those having bang in the college canteen
    those watching stupid movies
    those fight with brother and so on and on and on

    O God! give me all those moments back i want to live that again.

    source: from a friend
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  2. ridhi23

    ridhi23 New IL'ite

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    Vo Kagaaz Ki Kashti..

    Hi Aarthi
    I can totally relate to what you have written.. it brought back a flood of memories for me..and a sweet ache in the heart. I guess when we are in that time we dont realize how precious it is and when it passes away we miss it dearly. Change is another name of life... like a train it keeps passing stations but never stops at one station for long..it just goes on towards its ultimate destination. If we were stuck in the same phase of life (be it childhood or adoloscence etc) we wont cherish it as much as we do now!! So I guess that time and those memories are warm and secure in my heart and always manage to bring a smile on my face. And we have many more memories to build..for which we have to live this moment to the fullest!!
  3. sunkan

    sunkan Gold IL'ite

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    i could title ur poem with dil dhoondtha hai

    yes the only line that came up was dil dhoondtha hai phir wohi phursath ke raath din...regards..sunkan

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