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Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by Jlatch, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Jlatch

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    Damini and Dinesh were in deep sorrow due to eight year old daughter Deepa's incurable disease. They were worried because of their inabilty to spend money for medical tretment. When they were discussing seriously over the matter and unable to find the solution except miracle, Deepak six year old son overheard the discussion. He was under the impression that the medicine like 'miracle' only can save his elder sister. He straight went to his room and opened the kids small savings bank box. There was some coins of different denominations stored in it. He counted the coins very carefully and made his way to a nearby medical store without informing his parents.
    The pharmacist in the store was too busy to pay attention towards Deepak. He was repeatedly asking the medicine. After few minutes, the pharmacist was free and asked the little boy and astonished to know his requirement. Deepak told the pharmacist about his elder sister Deepa has something bad growing in her head and dad says only 'miracle' can save her now and enquired the cost of medicine 'miracle'.
    Pharmacist's friend, who was inside the store asked Deepak whether his elder sister need strong miracle or mild miracle. Deepak was mum. He told mom says she needs operation and dad can't afford to pay for it, he decided to spend his money saved. The pharmacist friend asked the little boy how much money he was having. Rupees fifty and paise fifty, the little boy replied.
    Pharmacist's friend with a smile told the boy that the required medicine he was having and the money was sufficient for the medicine. He took the money in one hand and asked the boy to take home to see sister and meet parents.
    The well dressed pharmacist's friend was Dr.Abahy a famous neuro surgeon. He conducted the operation successfully with the team of surgons without any charge.Deepa was perfectly alright like other healthy girls.
    When mom asked little boy the surgery cost, Deepak just smiled himself. The little boy Deepak knew exactly how much a 'miracle' cost: Rupees fifty and paise fifty only... plus the firm faith of the little six year old boy.


  2. Arunarc

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    Dear Jlatch
    Nice miracle...........
    Had read this article before but only with the different names
    The thinking of the kid is so great.............and innocent

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