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Mindful Consumption

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by Cheeniya, Oct 14, 2021.

  1. Cheeniya

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    *Mindful consumption*

    Overtime, I have realised that I am taking far more from the universe than I will ever be able to give back.
    *The constant exercise of differentiating between needs and desire has been an eye opener.*
    Endeavour is to live responsibly, endeavour is to live with conscience.

    For eg:

    *1. Do I really need the water that is being poured in my glass at the restaurant?*
    Will that water not go down the drain (literally) when I leave my table? Am I being fair to those who are walking miles for drinking water and yet what they get is hardly safe enough to consume?
    *2. Do I really need to wrap that gift by buying ‘free’ gift wrapping paper?*
    Because that shiny/ non-biodegradable paper is going to be trashed (literally) once the gift is opened?
    *3. Do I really need to buy gifts when I am not sure if they will be used and needed by the receiver because I want to look good?*
    Isn’t it wiser to buy fruits or dry-fruits with the same amount of money and with almost certainty that they will be consumed?
    *4. What do I do when I am at buffet?*
    Do I listen to my stomach or do I fill my plate with everything available (either because its free or because I have paid for it all)?
    *5. What do I do when the guy at Subway (the foodchain) offers me two forks and four tissue papers when I am going to be eating alone?*
    Do I return one fork and three tissue papers (or all four, if I carry my own hanky) to him or I just walk away from the counter and throw away unused forks and tissue papers?
    *6. Just because something is ‘bio-degradable’, should I use it?*
    Can I even avoid a paper bag or a cloth bag because a tree was chopped to make that paper and earth was subjected to atrocities to create the piece of cloth? Can I ‘reduce’ my consumption even before thinking of ‘reuse’ or ‘recycle’?
    *7. What happens when I go to eat Thaali*
    There are so many things I know I might not eat (for eg katori of Dahi or that Bengali mithai) .. Do I return it immediately so that it can be offered to someone else or do I let it sit on my plate and leave it untouched only to be thrown away later?
    *8. Do I really need that cotton Kurti because it looks cool?*
    The fashion industry is far more evil than what meets our eye. From what it does to the environment while growing cotton and jute to how it treats humans to how it treats textiles and garment waste is mind-bogglingly dirty.
    *9. Do I really need that extra pair of shoes because I don’t have 'that' particular shade of orange?*
    Do I take into account that once processed, footwear is almost impossible to degenerate on face of the earth (including leather)?
    *10. Do I need to cook elaborate meals when guests visit me?*
    Can I cook just enough so that everybody including myself can have a great time and no food is wasted (or we don’t continue to eat same food for next three days well after it has lost all its nutrients)
    *11. Do I need to buy things just because they are in sale and they are cheaper?*
    Do I need to buy them because there is ‘return policy’? I was reading a case study on how big retail conglomerates dump returned goods in the ocean and its unbelievable how our oceans are constantly being subjected to waste created because of our greed.
    *12. Am I respectful when I am visiting a tourist destination?*
    Do I take rules such as ‘keep silence’ ‘do not litter’ seriously enough? Do I allow the place to consume me or my overbearing presence consumes the place?

    I have been asking these and such questions for a couple of years now.

    What else can I ask?
    *How else can I live mindfully?*

  2. Cheeniya

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    Number 2 amazes me! This is how most of us deal with gift wraps. Reading this makes me feel stupid and guilty
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  3. Thyagarajan

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    Many of the inventions generate waste of resources which eventually lands into sea and ocean. Despite recycling this is the ultimate result of odious consumption. Marine life by and by would be extinguished and many species.lost.

    2. World is more concerned to get things with minimum effort and invent more and more things that truly not providing ultimate comfort to inhabitants of earth. The basic elements said to be five are getting polluted except the Agni - the fire. Cities suffocate with polluted air because of automobile and industrial chimneys.

    3. With increasing trend in online orders from restaurants and malls that generates huge wastage by their deliveries at doorsteps - in the form of packing materials - and resources unreplenished add to tonnes of solid waste all over the world. Über eats, zomoto, swiggy et al are contributors in this manner.

    4. The post is a timely just reminder of the consequences the world has to face because of unmindful consumption by individuals.
    Thanks and Regards.

    GOD - for every type of societal requirement there is a God or Goddess. Do we have one for Waste including wastage in making gold ornaments?
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