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Menu Help

Discussion in 'Birthday Party Planning' started by Halosandwings, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. sanjuruby3

    sanjuruby3 Gold IL'ite

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    Seems its big and formal gathering, based on that menu looks good.
    Otherwise, i like more dry items if party at home, as kids like to carry food or plate and play and make mess around the house. so liquidy foods do not work.
    Ask me... i learnt hard way. People spilled curry on my brand new sofa and did not even bother to tell me. Still mad about it..:angry:
    Anyways...since you said, its more of latino guests then india, you can remove 1-2 indian foods or 1 non veg foods and add mixed kind food like pasta item. Or add rajma or kidney beans with white rice.
    Hispanic community usually enjoy indian foods.

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