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Memory loss?? Worried :(

Discussion in 'Health Issues' started by MahiSree, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. MahiSree

    MahiSree Gold IL'ite

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    I want to query about a strange problem in me.
    Nowadays, i am forgetting meagre things/incidents which is leading to worries.
    Normally, i am a person who can't forget things easily, be it for good or bad.

    Even now, i am able to recollect my childhood incidents and conversations.

    But post-marriage, i am forgetting things easily.
    Say for example, if any arguement b/w me and my DH/MIL happened some day, few days later while discussing something else he would point, 'see this is how u spoke that day'. But i wouldnt be able to remember if really i had said that.

    Also, i feel that as he knows that am forgetting things, he's creating some stories. (but he's a good buddy)
    And to confess, i am trying to do work (household mainly) with caution trying to prevent any comments from my MIL.
    I have already posted a thread on this in http://www.indusladies.com/forums/married-life/94966-due-problems-after-my-marriage.html.
    I feel this over-focus on me by my MIL is the cause for this. Donno if am right.

    Please help me guys to overcome from this.
    Is it a disease? Is there any practise to washout this problem?
    Eagerly waiting for your inputs/suggestions.


  2. sublakshmi

    sublakshmi Bronze IL'ite

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    Do not worry much, Many times even such things have happened to me and when i worried abt some serious matters i even tend to forget the most important things . As u said sometimes I even cant remember tel.nos. which I knew very well. I have heard such things from my friends too.

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