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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Chitvish, Mar 1, 2006.

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    Dear IL friends,
    I just now noticed that our I L community strength has touched the magic number - 1000! I am sure you all join me in congratulating Induslady & Kavya for the same. Three cheers to both those gracious ladies !
    I am very proud to be associated with IL & let us strive together to make this beautiful site, a " one stop site" for Indian ladies all over the world !
    Love & warm regards to everyone of you,

  2. prathi

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    Celebration time indeed!!!

    HI all,

    Congrats all!! Our forum has made a 1000 mark and obviously left marks on many of our lives in many ways. I am very proud to be associated with each and every one of my friend in IL. We have shared humour, sorrow, bitterness, happiness, food, or in short we have been sharing LIFE, being a part of Indus Ladies.

    Thanks to induslday and Kavya for bringing us all together in such a unique yet intimate bond.
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    A Moment Of Happiness and Pride!

    Most Gracious Ladies Of Indusladies,

    It's a moment of pride and happiness for all of us that our membership hastouched 1000. If we are a physical forum all of us can now give a standing ovation to IndusLady and Kavya the persons behind the show.

    And there is one more person who deserves a standing ovation from all of us - the one and only Chitvish. She has a rare honour of touching 1000 posts even before our membership touched that magic figure. Being an accountant I cannot but go ahead with calculating the numbers. The bottom line is that Chitvish has about 1.269 posts for each member. Great indeed.

    Prathi, your words are poetic. Yes we have not only shared our recipes and stories, but also our personal joys, sorrows, pains and sufferings. Psychologists use to warn us that Internet is a bad addiction because in the virtual world, our emotions are starved. But Indusladies has shattered that theory. I am sure each one of the 1000 members will agree with me that this forum has been a tremendous source of emotional fulfilment.
    On this joyous occasion can I take the liberty of placing a request to the two top ladies - Induslady and Kavya.? It is high time that you should show yourselves. Why don't you post a picture of yours in this thread itself? After all Chitvish, I and a host of article writers like Ambika have shown ourselves. So why not you, IndusLady and Kavya? Please do it.

    I invoke the blessings of the Presiding Deity of our town, Madurai, Goddess Meenakshi to shower her choicest blessings on the site and all its present and future members. May all those who are associated with the site be blessed with happiness, peace and prosperity for all time to come.

    With Lots Of Love and Affection,
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  4. Shal

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    Time to celebrate!!!

    Dear friends,

    We sure have enough reasons to celebrate the success of this all so useful website!!

    Just a while ago, I was suggesting to my husband that we should get my m-i-l to stay with us and I am sure she will never get bored as she'd be as glued to this website as I am!

    Seeing the responses on Malathi's touching story, I really feel my m-i-l would have something to say too, for she has been through a lot of trouble with her m-i-l and hence makes sure that my co-sister and I just enjoy every bit of our married lives!

    We should all strive to get just many many more registrations! Congratulations Induslady and Kavya! Many thanks to the prominent Mrs Chitra, Sridharji, Prathi, Sonu, Vidya and all of us who in some way or the other help in ensuring the sustenance of this wonderful group.

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    Thank You - We look forward to great days ahead!

    Dear Members,

    For us, a Global Online Community Of Indian Ladies is ONLY an idea. It is you all who made it a reality. Without the active involvement and participation of members, would have remained...just another good idea. Reaching 1000 is a great accomplishment, but what makes us ever happier is the quality of this 1000!

    Looking into the future, we are very excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. It is Machiavelli who said, “Make no small plans for they have no power to stir the soul”. In his spirit, we want the membership of our community to be at least 500,000 in the next 3-5 years. If we think of our current base, that number looks a stretch. If we think that 500,000 is only 0.1% of the female population of <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:smarttags" /><st1:place w:st="on"><st1:country-region w:st="on">India</st1:country-region></st1:place>, that number looks pretty small, doesn’t it?

    Every new member and every new post moves us one step forward. The community is evolving with more personal touch that we ever imagined. Together with you, we look forward to great days ahead!

    Thank You [​IMG]

    On behalf of - The IndusLadies Team
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    An "Amazing" Accomplishment

    Dear IL Members,

    I have never been an active participant of IL though am one of the few who joined IL at the time of budding. It is really amazing to know that it is one year old and has reached "1000" people around this globe. "Hats off" to the admin and all the members in here who have made this "imaginary" world of web into a real world filled with emotions and happiness.. sharing each others commotions and joy.. unloading one anothers burden and excitements in day to day life. I just feel happy to be one of the pioneer member of this site, but that does not make me anything special, as am not as active as so many in this world of IL. I just want to share my views and happiness of IL journey in my own words and here it is

    “It all began just with a small talk

    Brain storming in every other walk

    Building with utter care, share and joy

    With a hope that everyone will enjoy

    It rolled into this world one fine day

    Taking one step at a time in its own way

    Nay know how many peeped in and out

    Not knowing if this is for them or not

    Here it is today standing at a great height

    Where we all gaze as it glows bright, with

    Not 1, 2 or 3 but 1000’s of us in one voice

    To celebrate “Indusladies” one year with poise”

    Congrats "IL" you have achived not many even dream of. My sincere and hearty wishes for more success in future. Good Luck and Good bye... :p

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