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Me and my in-laws - advice !!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Relationship With In-Laws' started by ARCHNA, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. sonu_627

    sonu_627 Silver IL'ite

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    Get good out of it

    hi Friends,

    i agree with Meena absolutely. If we also speak like them what is the difference between them n us.

    I wud like to share a story for u all i hope you all understand the moral of the story.

    There was a gardener who use to take care of a garden of a ashram.He use to fetch water from nearby pond with 2 mud pots n pour in the garden.One day one of the pot got a small tiny hole in it.So whenever the gardener use to fetch water from the pond by the time he reach the garden all the water use to get away from that tiny hole.But that gardener use to do same for many months.The pot turned to depressed one day as now he is not able to do his duty any more. He asked the gardener " Sir i m old now and not enough to do my duty anymore.i had seen u stuggling to fetch water from pond but all water use to get away only because of me so sir why dont u get rid of me." The gardener replied its true that u r not enough to hold water anymore but did u noticed the way from where i use to fetch water n come to garden i had planted small small trees so while bringing u also use to water them.So dont think u r not enough to do ur duty. Everyone has their own importance.Only thing is we dont notice it sometimes.Sometimes there is something very good behind this bad but that we had to findout. We always think why bad things happen to good people but we never put efforts to findout.

    Really friends i feel Life is too short if it is bad for u thn just try to get good out of it.

    u friends are really smart n educated enough so i hope u all understand what i mean.

    Live life fully

    take care

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