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Mauna Guru?

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by jayasala42, Sep 19, 2019.

  1. jayasala42

    jayasala42 IL Hall of Fame

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    P.V.Narasimha Rao was a very rare Prime Minster who did not, unlike
    the later day Rime Minister,had never worn his Office in his shirt sleeves.
    It was his former Secretary B.N.Yugandhar's son's marriage reception.
    He worked closely with P.V.Narasimha Rao both at the State level in
    Andra Pradesh and in the Union Government. The bridegroom was
    scheduled to marry his School mate, Sweet heart, Anupama, and the
    daughter of his father's batch mate and Colleague, another IAS officer,
    The Marriage reception was a closely held function, for the family and
    relatives only .
    The function is one between two high profile Secretaries in the Union
    Government but it was a very low key affair, at the far of Hyderabad.
    Though uninvited the VVIP, none other than equally simpleton the
    then Prime Minister P.V.Narasimha Rao decided to attend
    the Marriage Reception without any prior intimation. After all the fathers
    of the marrying couple worked with him as Secretaries.
    He had arrived at Hyderabad without the usual Prime Minister's
    contingent and paraphernalia. The only person who knew about the Prime Ministers
    unscheduled rather one could call it a secret mission was his Personal
    Secretary, Ramu Damodharan.
    Many of us are familiar with Ramu Damodhran as he was English News Reader
    at Doordarshan.
    They chose to travel in an unmarked Ambassador Car.
    They were naturally caught up in the heavy City traffic and the PM, PVN
    sat through the journey with unusual equanimity and cool and composed as if it is
    his usual routine.
    Mind you this the man who used to travel in a bluet proof imported Car in the midst
    a Convoy of a dozen Cars and in traffic free road, cleared from end to end long before
    he started his journey.
    The Prime Minister is protected around the Clock by the SPG (Special Protect Group) and the
    elite NGO Commandos, what with the highest Z+ Security detail, chose to travel in the traffic
    moving at a snail speed accompanied by only his Private Secretary.
    Could you even imagine the Prime Minister of the day would choose such a travel plan even
    to meet his own mother.
    The Ambassador arrived at the venue of the Marriage reception and no body expected
    the Prime Minister to step down from an old Ambassador Car.
    The two Bureaucrats were shocked rather than pleased to see the man who never smiled
    walked towards them with a bemused smile.
    They were a bit ashamed that their boss chose to visit them at Hyderabad to bless the
    young married couple when they did not as much give a formal invitation..
    That was the greatness of the Mouna Guru, or Mouna Garu.
    After all when he had decided to move to Hyderabad, taking a political Sanyas Dame Luck
    smiled on him and he, as they say was the wild car entry in the race to the Office of
    the Prime Minister.
    Oh, I will be failing if I concluded the mail without naming the bridegroom.
    He is the incumbent CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella.
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