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Marriage - The long standing experiment

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by Vidhyathan, May 1, 2007.

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    Hi ILites,

    I remember reading somewhere that the longest experiment tried by human kind is Marriage. I suppose they keep trying it even though it fails sometimes.

    Why is this so? Every parent who knows that there are problems in marriage still get so excited about getting their children married.

    Of course its acceptable that any type of relationship has some rubs in it. So the initial teething is not a problem at all. But what about some relationships that just don't work till the end that the person feels he/she has wasted life trying to make it work. And why did they want to make it work? Was it for their own desire or just to make sure they don't upset their family?

    And let's not be fooled by blinding ourselves thinking that marriages are always a headache just as the popular discussion is out there now among both the married and unmarried. Every marriage is unique since every individual is unique. So its totally up to the couple to make theirs the way they want it. I only hope the so called family paves way for the newly married to make it work simply because that's why they got their children married in the first place right? So then why does the ego override? Or why do they overdo it sometime?

    Just let the couple be the ingredients in for experiment while the family members and friends act as catalysts or just be spectators not messing with the ingredients.

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