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mangala gowri vratam

Discussion in 'Pujas Prayers & Slokas' started by soundharya, May 5, 2010.

  1. soundharya

    soundharya New IL'ite

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    can any one clear my doubt its important

    this is my 3rd year of my married life.
    according to our family in the whole 5 yrs 1st 2 yrs i should do vratam in my mother's house
    and rest 3 in my house.

    so ,since my husband got transfered to some other place at the time of performing vratam
    i did only 1st day in my mother's house,and rest i have done in the place we got transfered(i.e in 2nd yr).

    i have completed successfully rest of the weeks except the last week since i got break in last week.so some one suggested me that if i get break in last week i can complete that on vinayaka chavithi.so i did the same thing

    but now some are saying that was not a correct process which i have done,if i get break in last week,then that year should not be considered and i have to repeat 2 year.if it so then ok i have no problem of repeating.

    But, if what i have done is correct(performing vratham on vinayaka chavithi) then i can continue the next 3 years.if it not correct then i have to perform vratham for more 4 yrs which becomes 6 yrs.6 yrs is again not the rite one

    so can u please give me clear explanation.

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