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Mananagement- Indian style!

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by kanaka, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. kanaka

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    I have never been an ardent reader of fiction. My list of titles is so less- - --- -.Other than few titles like
    (1) There is no such place as far away/Richard Bach
    (2) Jonathan Livingstone seagull
    (3) Quiver full of arrows and few Robin Cook, my interest in fiction seems to be nil. Iam yet to to now the reasons. I prefer Alvin Toffler or any informative reading material
    My friends are surprised! Yet can',t diagonise the cause of my symptom/s
    Today I just forced myself to read the title 'The Monk who sold his Ferrari' /Robin Sharma. After reading this, Iam much convinced about my reflections on the topic'Gita- the Mother of all Management Gurus. Surprisingly the book more or less expresses my thoughts and also transcends the mundane thoughts of people like me.
    Our management experts dishing the western opinion need to unlearn, learn and relearn certain basic tenets of life from such books. This reminds me of a certain management Guru with whom I happened to travel. That Guru an Indian born presently at California tours all over India when he is on a vacation.
    To make it short, that gentleman started lecturing to our co passengers on Leadership and Motivation. A textbook explanation of Maslow's theory of Motivation and Leadership theories of all schools found in books dealing with the fundamentals of Management.
    My first impulse was to tell him that "Iam very good in that diagram of Maslow's theory
    But now since Iam no more a suitable candidate vying for an Executive Job preferred to remain silent.
    No leadrship theory can match our Indian philosophy of handling life.
    The book 'the Monk -- - - is very inspiring and inviograting. One can read the best management principles on managing oneself life which ill subsequently alter the life and thoughts of others. Concepts such as Matsktskstering the time and not Managing Times are very thought provoking!
    A book meant for all.
    I anticipated some heavy critcisms for the posting(Gita----------Management). Either some of the members doesn't seem to agree with me or still busy with the New Year Bash! kanaka
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  2. Aspire

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    I cannot but help from thinking about the management lessons from Chanakya! :)

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