Making Forum Etiquette Thread More Visible?

Discussion in 'Site Help / Feedback' started by Rihana, Dec 21, 2017.

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    I was looking at the home page and couldn't find any link where I click and it goes to Forum Etiquette thread. We have to click on "Site Help & Feedback" and then on "Site Help & FAQ's" and there the third sticky thread is the Forum Etiquette thread.

    Is there some way it can be made more visible or readily accessible? New members would benefit from getting to know the guidelines, and older members would benefit from a reminder.

    I myself happened to come across a guideline that I must have missed once, which effectively says do not start a thread with a username in it, addressed to an individual member (obviously birthday and other threads are an exception). Like this, there may be guidelines related to participation, new thread, copyright, external links, discussing moderator actions, good-bye posts etc that will be good for all of us to know.

    Just a suggestion. Maybe a link to Forum Etiquette can be included in the footer (dark purple area at the bottom).
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    @Rihana Not sure how I missed this. It's a very good idea. We are trying to get the header and footer menu updated soon and will incorporate this as part of that. Thank you!
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